Sunday, 29 November 2009

facebook vs friendster

hmm.. someone just ask me.. what make facebook better than friendster?? i don't know to answer it.. bcause the first time i change fom fs to fb.. just because my damn university block it.. but they doesnt block fb.. but.. after a month.. so many people using fb.. it become traffic jam.. then my damn university block it.. i'm frustrated.. so frustrated.. then i stop using it for awhile.. and now.. active like devil now.. ahahhaa.. so addicted.. demmm..

so here i list it.. why i choose facebook than friendster..
  1. frustration from previous one.. hate fs as i hate him... demm..
  2. fb more addicted, make me forget to everything
  3. easy to use
  4. more games and application
  5. wonderful quiz
  6. relationship between friends and family member become more closer
  7. gossip can easily distributed
  8. and also important imformation maaa...
i dont know what others thought bout this social network.. but that i was..

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